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Notary Log Book - Should I keep a log book of notarizations which I perform?
Many state laws require a notary keep records of their official acts. It is recommended that a notary maintain a log of his/her official acts in recalling past notarial acts, if needed, or if legally challenged. If a notary is called upon to testify in court, a Notary Record Log may become evidence to help establish what actually took place. If a notarized document is lost or altered, or if certain facts about the transaction are later challenged, the journal becomes valuable evidence that can both protect the rights of property owners and help notaries defend themselves against false accusations.

Notary Record Books - A handy way to keep accurate documentation for your protection. A notarization is effective, valid, and binding on the notary as long as the document it appears on remains effective and valid. Therefore, if a notary keeps a journal, it becomes a permanent detailed record of all the notarizations performed.

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A notary public should use a Notary Public Journal that is permanently bound with pre-numbered empty spaces. Information to be retained in the Notary Log should include the following:

1. Date of notarial act
2. Type of act performed
3. Type of document
4. Name and address of each person whose signature was notarized
5. Review and note type of identification of person whose signature was notarized (i.e. driver's license or photo identification)
6. A section of personal notes and fees charged

The journal should be completed before notarizing each document. A new entry should be made in the notary journal for every notary service provided.

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Authentication of Documents
A notary public must authenticate all of their official acts, attestations and instruments with their notary seal, official signature, commission number and the expiration date of their notary public commission.


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